ThailGAA's very first team back in2007

ThaiGAA’s very first team back in 2007

The ancient Gaelic games of hurling and football are the traditional sports of Ireland. An amateur sport which sees crowds of up to 80,000 attend matches at the magnificent Croke Park Stadium, headquarters of the GAA, in Dublin, the sports are deep-rooted and at the heart of communities in Ireland.

It is no surprise that they have accompanied the Irish diaspora as they have traveled the world and can be found in cities from Shanghai to Seattle and from Buenos Aires to Bangkok.

Gaelic Games are alive and well in Asia with thousands of men, women, and children, of many nationalities, enjoying these unique sports across the region.

John Campbell, a long time resident of Thailand, spent 2006 in Taipei where he played with the Taiwan Celts Gaelic football team. On his return to Thailand in 2007 he established ThaiGAA with the help of Derek Martin, Padraic Ellicott, and Ultan Peters. The club made its competitive debut at the 2007 Asian Gaelic Games in Singapore and in 2016 we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary with a record number of club members.

The Bangkok-based Thailand Gaelic Football and Hurling club the “ThaiGAAs” is one of the most welcoming and inclusive sports clubs in the city, competitive on the field and with a strong community spirit and social aspect off the field. The club has over 80 members and fields men’s, women’s and children’s teams at local and regional tournaments.